From a simple truss tweak to full re-fret or a new nut to complete overhaul we offer a variety of services.
(We don't do amp or pedal repairs...sorry)
General Set Up: £50
Includes truss adjustment, nut & saddle height, intonation, fret ends and general electrics clean
Locking Trem/Nut Service: From £70 for service
Please ask for quote as work on locking trems can be more costly
Fret-dress: From £90
Stoning of the frets, re-profiling and set up
Bone Nut/Saddle replacement: from £40 an hour
Direct replacement for nut or saddle using bone (includes set up). Other materials available, please ask for quote. 
Re-fret: From £180
Complete replacement of frets plus general service, using fret wire of your choice.
Re-shoot/Re-fret: From £220
Plaining down of either uneven or warped finger boards then re-fretting.
Wiring and electronic replacement: ask for quote, basic bench charge starts from £15 plus parts 
Anything from a simple jack socket change to complete electronics overhaul using the best quality parts.
Gluing: Please ask for quote as jobs vary 
For headstock breaks, cracks, loose binding, splits & acoustic bridges.

All work guaranteed for 3 months email or call with any queries